Developer, make your app compatible with our devices.

We constantly work on making our wind sensors compatible with a great diversity of applications. You can find of compatible applications list available on our website (please check current compatibility and features on their websites).

Our hardware is open source. We are a hardware firm but we developed and maintain Anemotracker App to be used with our products. We realize that our users' diverse needs require tailored solutions beyond our imagination and that's why we decided from the beginning to open our hardware to the world.

We encourage third party software and hardware firms to integrate our hardware on their platforms at their will.

Ultrasonic Portable Range Developer Instruction Manual.

Use the Ultrasonic Portable Range developer instruction manual to make our portable wind sensors compatible with your application. You can download the manual  here 

Some real examples. 

Check out some examples already made by some other developers on GitHub.

Thank you @maritimelabs and @decipherindusties for making these projects!. 

1. Maritime Labs

2. Decipher Industries

We made communication as simple as possible; however, if you need support, do not hesitate to contact us by email at

How to get accurate wind data on your Ultrasonic Portable wind meter